Many ask our company, “what do I need to have a website?”

We tell them there are three things you need to have a website. A domain name, hosting provider and the website(design and files).

In this article I am going to explain the best I can what each of these items are and why you need each one.

1. Domain Name

A domain name is a unique name that is linked to an IP. An IP to explain it simply is a unique number that is associated with the location of your website. Kind of like a home address. Instead of us having to remember 4 to 12 numbers, they get associated to domain names like,, and so on.

You can get a domain name from many places online.,, and many many more domain registrars across the net. They typically cost anywhere from $.99 to $14.99 for a .com and can vary in price for many other types of names. You can price around for the best deal.

Does it matter that I can not get a .COM domain name? It honestly used too but now days it does not that much according to Google. But in my opinion if you can still get the name you want in a .COM then do. Mostly because that is what everyone is still used to using. So when you tell someone to go to your website, they typically will remember the name but automatically think it is .COM.

For branding purposes make sure to get a name that will represent your product or services the best possible. If you or your business needs assistance with this, SUWdesign & SEO offers consulting services and will provide you with the best domain name(s) to fit your business or needs.

2. Hosting

Now that you have your domain name, you need a place to store your website and files. So you get a hosting account. Think of it as now that you have a home address, you need a home. Hosting is your home that will hold your files.

There are many hosting providers just like domain registrars. Typically its easier to just get a hosting plan with your domain. Many offer a free domain with hosting for so much a month.

How much should I pay for hosting you may ask? Well hosting companies will try to sell you on everything they have and try to tell you that you need it. The safest bet is to get the cheapest plan they have and start from there. If you need more then you can upgrade at any time. Also if it is your first time, make sure your get a managed type hosting platform. I recommend getting a managed Linux Cpanel hosting. It typically will start you off right and you should not need to pay for any type of email hosting or anything else like that. Most base hosting should never cost more than $9.99/month. I have seen them as low as $1.99/month.

If you or your business needs help setting up hosting services for your website please contact SUWdesign & SEO today and we would be happy to help.